Join My First Day Cover Mail Art Swap Celebrating the US Postage Stamp Issue: Songbirds

**  this swap invite expired on April 21, 2014! **

 Please contact me if you’d like to add your name to future Delight Detective mail art swaps!

Hooray for sending and receiving (more!) colorful mail!

We are celebrating the arrival of the new Songbirds stamps, with a fun and friendly First Day Cover mail art swap.

Here is your special invite:

Join the Delight Detective's First Day Cover Mail Art Swap Celebrating US Stamp Issue: Songbirds


And here are the Mail Art Swap Details:

  • The first 15 people to sign up here by Monday, April 21 will join the swap
  • On Tuesday, April 22 I shall email my swap-mates with a complete list of swap participants and instructions.
  • Design, create and send your First Day Cover envelopes using my handy guide  and/or pictorial tutorial to help you.
  • We’ll have until June 4, 2014 to create and send our First Day Covers to the official post office issuing the special postmark
  • We will each receive up to 16 pieces of delightful mail art:  15 from our swap mates, plus one more that we remembered to create and send to ourselves.
  • Yay!

Creating and sending out First Day covers is delightful fun.  Please join me and say YES to adding more sparks of delight to your Universe!  

Sign up right here to join our Spring Songbirds First Day Cover Mail Art Swap!

Delight Detective Pledge of Honor:

I promise not to share your information in any other way, other than through a private and secure email to our swap-mates. I will then destroy this sensitive information “Mission Impossible-style” once the swap is over!


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In Delight,


2 Responses to Join My First Day Cover Mail Art Swap Celebrating the US Postage Stamp Issue: Songbirds

  1. How fun! Alas, I cannot participate as I will not have any US stamps… :( But those birds stamps are SUPER lovely! We have been getting all kinds of glorious colourful birds coming to our fruit feeders here… My current fave: Cherries Tanager (google it!). :)

    Happy mail swapping!

    • Hi Annie! Thanks for popping over to say hello! It’s a bit of trick to do a multi-national mail swap but if you’d like one of my envelopes ….send me a private note via email (or the contact form) and I’ll add you to my secret list! ; )

      I just looked up the Cherries Tanager – Wowza! What a pretty bird! Lucky you living in a tropical place…I bet the birding there is AMAZING! It’s my dream to travel to South America one day (shhhh – don’t tell my dogs – they’re not psyched for us to take an extended trip!)

      Sending love to you and your family


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