Guest Blogger, Artist Kristina Wentzell: This Happy Camper Knows How to Delight!

Newsflash!  New England Delight Detective Unveils The Happy Camper Project!

Did you know that we have a Delight Detective living in Keene, NH?  

Artist and blogger, Kristina Wentzell, scatters seeds of delight with her paintbrush and words.  Brimming with exuberant color, her paintings reflect a light and joy-filled universe.

I invited “Agent Wentzell” to share her newest creative dream with us: one that she is steering into reality with a delicious blend of her positive ‘can-do’ energy and lots of enthusiastic support, including mine!

I present the evidence!

The Evolution of the Happy Camper by Kristina Wentzell

When I take my paintings to art shows, folks come into my booth, look around and say, “this is the happy booth!”.

This happens time and time again.  I’m always pleased and flattered.  Who wouldn’t be?  Making art is a joyful thing for me and when that joy resonates with other people, it is a good feeling.

Artist Kristina Wentzell and Her Colorful Paintings Create A Happy Booth

But I never used to think much more about it–other than, “oh, how nice!”.  I would just go on with my day, or with what I was doing, and not really think deeply about how one person’s actions can create a positive ripple effect that spreads out to others. Or, how that one person could be ME.

Until one day this past spring the wheels were set in motion!

I got a call from a woman who had seen my work at a local restaurant.  She really liked my poppy paintings and was interested in purchasing several.  We chatted for a while and then the woman said something that floored me.

She explained that she had been in town because her daughter was seriously ill and in the local hospital. Every day she would go and be with her daughter until visiting hours were over. She would then go to a restaurant to try to work, and wait until she could return to the hospital.  Every day she would come back to this same restaurant and every day she would look at my poppies.  She told me the poppies were the one spot of happiness for her in this tremendously difficult time.

Months later, after her daughter was recovering, and she had long since returned home, she was still thinking about my poppies.  And so she called to arrange to buy my “Wild Poppies” series for her own home.

Wild Poppies-Modular Painting Series-by-Artist-Kristina-Wentzell

I remember hanging up the phone and feeling such gratitude that my art could be so powerful.

I take my art a bit more seriously now and I have gained new respect for what I do.  I never thought of art as a trivial thing–I am an artist for gosh sake!  But I think about that ripple effect, and most of all I want to spread the happiness around even MORE.

This summer, an idea for how to do this came into my life at just the right moment and has launched me in a whole new direction. While vacationing in Maine, I was sitting in my mother’s kitchen sipping tea and gazing idly out the window. Then I noticed this:


The sweetest little vintage camper parked across the street. It was cute, and rounded, and retro, and the perfect shade of robin’s egg blue and it was FOR SALE!

 And so the idea for the Happy Camper Mobile Art Gallery was born.

I am converting a 1966 DeCamp Travel Trailer into a mobile art gallery.  I am retrofitting the interior with a gallery hanging system and lighting (and maintaining the 60’s charm) and will take it on the road to art shows, street festivals, farmers markets, nursing homes, and meet-ups with OTHER mobile art galleries. (If you have one, or want to create one please get in touch with me!)

I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the Happy Camper on the road by this fall. Kickstarter is an online funding platform for creative projects. If successful, the campaign will help me get my mobile art gallery on the road really soon.

The Happy Camper is the perfect vehicle (no pun intended!) for spreading the happiness around, and for getting art out in new and different venues in a fun, approachable way.

I hope this starts a whole new revolution in art!

Artist Kristina-Wentzell driving her new mobile art gallery: The Happy-Camper!

I’m thrilled that Kristina Wentzell shared her latest project with us today, and I shall leave you with this thought:

Imagine this cute vintage trailer driving up to a library, community hall, senior housing or farmers market in your neighborhood.  You are pulled into its magnetic field of delight and walk to the trailer door, where a smiling Kristina warmly greets you.  Then you step inside and Zowie! …you discover a happy riot of colorful art!   You smile and laugh in pleasure.

It’s a creative vision that has Yes and Yay written all over it and one that I wholeheartedly endorse.  If you agree, pop on over to Kristina’s Kickstarter page to learn more and offer your support as she drives her dream into happy reality.  

Thank you Delight Detective Kristina for being my guest blogger today.   I’ve created a special Star Pin just for you! 

Artist Kristina-Wentzell receives-A Colorful Delight-Detective-Star-Pin-by-Frances-Clements-Fawcett

In Delight,


2 Responses to Guest Blogger, Artist Kristina Wentzell: This Happy Camper Knows How to Delight!

  1. What positive and wonderful inspiration coming at us from this blog post ! I love it. Such creative entrepreneurial spirit ! Thanks for sharing that, it’s put a big smile on my face.

    About art and healing, I remember when I was working on my tarot paintings and the woman who was writing a book about them, got breast cancer right at the start of the project. She told me later that the intense colors of my paintings, and the focus on writing about them had saved her life. I was floored. Now I understand the powerful healing potential art really can have on people. Especially art created in joy.

    • Hi Andrea – what a beautiful, powerful story, thanks so much for sharing. I want to hear more about your tarot paintings and the book – where can I find it? Did you transform your paintings into a deck?

      In Delight of all that **you** do!

      PS – Kristina reached her Kickstarter goal – hooray!

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