Escape from Stuck-ville! 3 Helpful Routes To Return You To Your Creative Path

Are you stuck or stalled out with some piece of your creative journey?

Recently, I took a detour to a place I’m calling Stuckville.  I meandered there quite by accident after my blog mysteriously disappeared and before the monkeys showed up.

"Stuckville" A Sketch-and-Digital-Collage-by-Frances-Clements-Fawcett

The experience taught me three valuable lessons which created a scenic escape route back to my Yes and Yay Universe.

 First : Know when to ask for help

Asking for help comes easily to some and is hard for others to stomach.  I fall squarely into this second group.  I am such a stubborn “I’ll do-it-myself-er” that I waste a bunch of time and emotional, fretting-the-details energy trying to figure out stuff on my own.

Art Biz Coach, Alyson Stanfield threw me the first lifeline when she recommended WordPress ace and artist, Kim Bruce.  Kim sifted through my missing blog’s SQL database and determined that it was infected with corrupt files. She advised me to create a fresh database and WordPress install.  Next, Kim found and transferred my existing pages, posts and comments to my new blog.  Joy!  I needed to re-upload my images, (and I still have some formatting to do) but that is a minor inconvenience. I have my blog back!

And the nifty bonus? Kim supports WordPress Do-It-Yourselfers like me with consulting, web hosting and design services plus artist-focused tutorials.  Bingo!

And did I mention that she’s super lovely to work with?  I’ll be signing up for her WordPress for Artists Tutorial (currently $9/month or $65/year Canadian) so I can continue to learn WordPress and improve my blog.

For her excellent help and guidance, Kim wins the Delight Detective’s Bits ‘n Bytes Super Sleuth award.   I am a grateful and happy camper…thank you!


 Second: Be willing to find the tools you need to thrive.

In my case, I needed a better way to backup and secure my WordPress blog files from mysterious and nefarious attacks.

I found two wonderful WP tools that calmed my new blog jitters: Backup Buddy and Sucuri.

After everything went kaput, I installed a newbie-friendly, comprehensive WordPress plugin called Backup Buddy. It’s easy to use and understand. The program sends me a reassuring, daily message that my blog files have been saved to an external location, in my case to DropBox.


When I discovered that a snip of malware was *still lurking* in my brand new blog database, I decided to purchase a subscription to Sucuri’s scanning service. Sucuri is another wonderful product with excellent customer support. I submitted a work order on their website and received immediate, friendly help from byte experts Mauro Silva and David Dede. They scoured my site, found and removed the malware, and gave my blog a clean bill of health. Hooray!

Sucuri Plug-In Thank-You-Note-by-Frances-Clements-Fawcett

The nice folks at Blog Buddy and Sucuri receive my Bits n Bytes award too!  I feel supported and am so grateful for their help!

 Third: Laughter is a very powerful un-sticking device

With humor as his compass, Jeff found my third escape route out of Stuckville. Growing weary of watching me circle the same block of creative inertia, he sprang into action. Using two sheets of paper, scissors, a stapler, and a marker he whipped up an impromptu “Head Manager” crown. Then he sat down in front of me, crown on head, paper on clipboard, pen poised and said:

“I detect a problem! Tell the Head Manager what’s wrong, every last thing. He’ll take dictation. Ready? Set? Go!”

Surprised, I laughed and cracked a smile. And you know what?

That stuck, pent-up energy loosened its grip in my head. I felt better. Lighter. Jeff, bless his heart, kept a straight face and, wearing that adorable crown, took a little dictation as my Head Manager.

Everyone Can Use a Head Manager

I’m grateful for the people and tools that helped me move out of Stuckville and forward with my dream of beginning The Delight Detective blog.

And lessons learned?

It’s good to ask for help, assemble a few key tools/experts and sprinkle the sticky stuck parts with lightness and humor. That way I’m free to relax and do what I love:  tap away at these keys, upload a few images and hit “Publish”.

Do you have any favorite routes out of Stuckville?  Your map may look quite different from mine!

In my next essay I’ll wrap up my Pity Party/Stuckville series with a fun recipe for you to play with.

It’s time to accelerate past the stuff that’s holding us back so we can unleash the juicy sparkly gifts we’re meant to share.


In Delight,


6 Responses to Escape from Stuck-ville! 3 Helpful Routes To Return You To Your Creative Path

  1. I have to say that you did everything right, from having a password a mile long to renaming the default WP tables. You were very conscientious when setting up your blog, more so than most, yet the sneaky malware got in there.

    It happens to the best of us.

    Frances, you deserve high praise for holding it together through a tiring time.

    And I’m grateful for the opportunity to help. Happy Blogging!

    • Thanks Kim – I’m looking at my blog snafu as an *early* (personal) growth opportunity – and a way to move beyond stuck to action. I’m psyched and relieved to have you and Artbiz for expert support and advice.

  2. Hey pal – glad you got your mojo back! As a newbie to word press as well, I plan to look into your teachers . . . haven’t lost any posts but definitely don’t comprehend it’s finer points.

    • Hello dear Maude! Thanks for popping in! Welcome to WP…it looks like you made the switch from Blogger painlessly…all your posts look wonderful in the new format! I’m happy to share the stuff I’m learning (I’ll be writing about my learning curves here) – and any other morsels of info that might be helpful to you. It will be fun to share scoop!

  3. What a great post Frances. I just downloaded the Ultimate Security Checker and am off to play with it. I seem to be getting so much junk mail and when I checked my blog out i had more than 450 comments to check from random nobodies! Grrrrr….. Thansk for the heads up.

  4. Hi Robin – 450 comments? Wowie! ; ) Glad my post had some helpful tidbits for you.

    I had a lot of help from Kim Bruce who gave me a list of her top plug-ins for security. It’s time for me to do a bit more house cleaning and design stuff on my blog –

    And time to check in with my blog classmates to see what’s new!

    Hugs from here….fcf

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